Monday, 26 July 2010

ssssnakes in a van

we have been pretty busy ssssnakes in the past couple of weeks.
Two weeks ago we finished wrighting and recording our first album. Not realy sure when its going to be out, but one things for sure when it does come out it will rock your balls off!!

last friday we played in  the fighting cocks in kingston town for our very good friend microphone head. it was pretty fun to play despite the 9 hour round trip. we pretty much got there late played and drove home. Being in a van and drinking loads fo rum can make you do some very stange things involving hand sanitiser... but thats an other story

here are some sweet ass pics taken by the lovely and very handsome owen  richards check out his stuff

1 comment:

  1. Oh this looks awesome. Imagine if you travelled all the way to Kingston to see all the hijinks and then you got there too late and Ssssnakes had left. You'd be like 'oh fuck, it sucks to be me'... good job no one is that stupid...