Thursday, 15 September 2011

sssslow death sssslow jams

Hey ssssnakes fans!
Guess what happened to me to day? i got a shity email of Jamie telling me not asking me to update this thing. so hold on to your dick cause here we go!!!!

Little up date about the split we have coming out with the slow death . we got the art work done by a talented local artist he is such a sweet guy for helping us out with we owe him big time check out his BLOG!

i suppose you want to see the cover. so here it fucking is!

Now you have seen the cover how about you lube up your lug holes and let a sweet new ssssnakes jam fuck you brain. Click HERE and let this wondeful music get your jucies flowing.

Thats about it for now check out the list of shows over there ------> some where and come out and rock with us. we maybe be playing some shows in the U S of A next month but who knows and who fucking cares

See you in hell ssssnakes fans
love miles

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