Tuesday, 27 November 2012

ssssnakes do videos cause we like MONEY!!!! Honey Boo Boo

Hey ssssnakes fans!
so lately you guys have been pretty shitty and no one has been buying our records. like serious WTF like!!!!!!
We have been getting a lot of shit of the label executives to try and push sales. Most bands would go on tour, and I'm sure most band love playing to rooms fulls of their fans every night, but not us. the thought of talking to you lot night after night turns me sick.

We looked at some business models of our favourite band ( mike tv) and realised people will listen to any thing if it has a shitty video. This got us thinking what if unlike those bands we made a great video full of cameos from your favourite punk rock stars. so that's what we did!

The video is for the song surfrog and our best buddy Jono is working on it as we speak.  In the mean time check out some photos from the video shoot. we had a blast and hope you enjoy watching it. as we sit at home counting our money!!


Ss you can see we put our lives on the line making this video and you better enjoy it!

See you in hull ssssnakes fans

One Love Bass ssssnake

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Blog on 2k12!!!! Awesome blog rips!!!!!

Hey ssssnakes fans . how are you?
whats that you want to know how i am? i am fucking awesome and super sexy fresh!!!!!
    As normal we haven't been doing much just getting awesome all over Swansea.
Lets get to the point as you must have guest I'm doing this blog cause we have some shows coming up and Jamie thinks if i do a blog update it will achieve us a greater level of awesomeness but you also know the only thing awesome to come off the Internet is being able to watch crazy fucking with chicks with fruit and goats and shit like that.

     We have loads ( 2 shows) coming up in the next six months firstly we will be playing the most awesome venue in the UK Le pub in Newport with the awesome Larry and his flask on the 27th of April. if you can make it you should cause we will be awesome and there will be loads of awesome beer. Secondly we are playing fest again in Gainsville!!! funny story about that show is some prick from anti flag put in their contract that they would only play if ssssnakes play the fest as well. Jokes on them cause we were already playing . SSSSUCKAAAASSSS!!!!!!
Playing fest last year was a blast cause its always fun to travel 1000's of miles to play infront of pure graft. those guys really are awesome. 

Think that's about it I'm going to go get awesome and ignore phone calls of Dave Brent

smell you in hell ssssnakes fans

Tim XXoOxxOX

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Its chirstmasssss so fucking what!

Merry  Christmas ssssnakes fans!!
How are all you dicks head doing? good i hope
Just a little update on whats going on in the wonderful lives of ssssnakes. Last weekend we played the SWFU Christmas bash . it was a fucking hoot and being the awesome dudes we are, we made one of our biggest fans Christmas dream come true. He begged and begged and we finally gave in and let Mikey erg  play a couple of songs with us. he was really pleased to get the chance to play with one of his biggest musical influences, and i suppose being the big softie that i am it felt kinda good to see the little guy so happy.

Check out some awesome photos form our buddyMichael suess

In the new year as well we are going to be playing a kick ass show in London on the 12th of January at the opening of rolling back the years. A exhibition of 80's skate art and stuff. Its going to be at red gallery london and we are getting paid in shoes fuck yes! I fucking love free  foot trouseres!

Thats about it for now im off to get drunk for a few weeks to deal with my family and to try and fill the void in my llife left by god knows what. See you hell. kisses xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

sssslow death sssslow jams

Hey ssssnakes fans!
Guess what happened to me to day? i got a shity email of Jamie telling me not asking me to update this thing. so hold on to your dick cause here we go!!!!

Little up date about the split we have coming out with the slow death . we got the art work done by a talented local artist he is such a sweet guy for helping us out with we owe him big time check out his BLOG!

i suppose you want to see the cover. so here it fucking is!

Now you have seen the cover how about you lube up your lug holes and let a sweet new ssssnakes jam fuck you brain. Click HERE and let this wondeful music get your jucies flowing.

Thats about it for now check out the list of shows over there ------> some where and come out and rock with us. we maybe be playing some shows in the U S of A next month but who knows and who fucking cares

See you in hell ssssnakes fans
love miles

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

NIght bird eating ssssnakes

Knock Knock Ssssnakes fans!

Whos there?

a bunch of kick ass punk bands about to bone swansea into next week with thier raging music bonners!!! thats who!

Thats right NIGHT BIRDS are playing mozarts in swansea on the 28th of september. As well as us and night birds the old as fuck boneless ones are playing too. If your into old school punk/ surf /hardcore jams you would have to be a fucking dumb ass to miss this!

Here is a flyer for your eyes to cum over!

see you in hell ssssnakes fans

Saturday, 30 July 2011

ssssplit 7"

Hows it hanging ssssnakes fans!?
Im not going to say sorry for the lack of updates cause i don't give 2 sssshits what you think!

we got some cool stuff in the pipe line. After the massive success of or debut album "kissss thissss" we went back into the brewery to record 5 more bitchin jams for you lot. and believe me when i tell you these jams are the jam! 3 of those songs will end up on an split 7" with the mother fucking slow death. Those guys may be ass wipes but their music is ball licking good. The record is coming out on kiss of death records/ not shy of DIY records / SWFU records some time before the fest.
you can hear a new song of the record on cool dudes radio

we got a few shows coming up over the summer as well so keep and eye out for us rocking places near you.
Think thats about it for now so see you in hell mother lovers