Thursday, 19 August 2010

good clean fun!

Sorry for the lack of updates but i forgot the internet is for more than this!
The few shows we palyed with good luck were pretty fun. but what was more fun where the drives home we drank a whole lot of rum and found some awesome new and exciting things to do with hand sanitiser. ssssnakes would incourage all our fans to try and come up with thier own new ways to enjoy soap. please let us know how you get on!

we got a couple more shows coming up on the 7th of september we are playing in mozarts with hammerlock
check out the details HERE!
we are also playing with the awesome Tiltwheel in le pub on november 10th

if you are unsure if you want to come to watch us check out this awesome action packed video that our good freind chadman filmed of us playing in london WOW!!!!!

Here is a photo of jenks' favourite snake

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