Sunday, 21 November 2010

BIG (balls) newssss!

Hey ssssnakes fans!
we got a bunch of stuff coming up and should be a lot busyer than we are, but we aint no busy bumble bees we are cool ssssnakes!
First off we got a awesome show coming up in swansea next week in sigma. shit i just realised its on thursday i didnt think it was that close! lucky we got practice tomorrow
Then after that we are playing 2 christmass shows one in the gower pub in cardiff on the 11th of december with bedford falls and the doublecross (aint got a flyer for this cause stubbs is a lazy bear) Then the day after we are plying in the fighting cocks in Kingston, but not all is what it seems for these two shows as tonight mathew ssssnakes are going to be the ramonesssss. Thats right the second greatest rock and roll band playing a set jam packed full of covers by the number one rock and roll band of all time!!!!!!

All this news is kinda pointless cause chances are if your sitting at home jerking off over the ssssnakes blog then your not going to cum to a show (and if you do please wash your hands). The BIG news is that our first lp is finaly coming out on specialist subject records i think the pre orders for limited edish vinly and shirt mega combo will be starting very early in the new year. The lp is called kissss thissss and is 13 songs of pure awesome. you know its going to be a good record when the front cover looks thissss hot
i think thats about it for now i will try and keep this thing more update with whimsical photos and erotic tales of the day to day life of ssssnakes!

smell you in hell suckers
love pug bone

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