Friday, 24 December 2010

A gift from us to you!

merry chirstmass ssssnakes fans! hope every one is having a lovely time.
as you all know the greatest gift is the gift of love and you are going to fucking love the ssssnakes new album!! thats right kissss thisssss is finaly on sale form the awesome go over there and pre order the vinyl shirt mega combo deal. There is also a pay what you want down load here dont be tight miles has a baby on the way and i have a real bad drinking proble

To keep you amused here is a video of us playing a ramones cover set for swansea skate park fundraiser click here dumb ass!!!

keep checking back here for news on a couple of tours we have in the pipe line for 2011!!

thats about it for now. go buy the album and get fucking festive!!!!!

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