Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ssssurfing cowsssss!

Hey ssssnakes fans!
hows it going out there in the land of ssssnakes fans? i just had a dounut in the bath it was awesome!

so our album has been out for a while now you can still pick up your very own copy from HERE!! you can also give it a listen on this very blog. Not sure how the songs are on the blog but they are. because us ssssnakes love to make it as easy as we can for you lazzy sods to check out our sweet sweet jams!

you may also notice on the side of this blog are a bunch of tour dates! How cool is that! we cant wait to get out on the road and partake in rock antics with some of the most gnarly dudes around!.

On march the 12th we are doing an extra speacial kissss thissss release party

its going to be hawian themed with hawian gifts! i know thats pretty cool inits self  3 bodacious bands and gifts! but dont bail out or drop through the back door early after they finish we have sorted out the most tubular club night in south wales! stick around to dance with girls with 50's hair to some surf and 50 rock & roller! we may even spin some tunes as well if miles isnt too drunk!

wow this blog was hard to write with out using the word radical to describe things, but i did it!

Hang ten ssssnakes fans
catch you on the flip side
love sssnakes

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