Friday, 3 June 2011

swansea ssssnake park!

wasssssssupppppp ssssnakes fans!?

im not sorry i havent up dated this thing in while, beacuse i doubt you even read it!
its summer time now so its time for us to come out of hiding and do some awesome shit again! you know the awesome shit im talking about playing shows and putting out banging jams. First off we are playing the grand opening of the exsit skate park in swansea on the 18th of june. Its going to be a kick ass time and it would be cool if you could come. The skate park is going to be the coolest thing to happen in swansea in a mother fucking long ass balls time! That same weekend we are heading back in to the studio ( or brewery as it aslo known) to record 3 new jams for a split 7" we have got planed for around fest time!
oh i did i not mention that ssssnakes have the pleasure of showing Gaineville how to rock this october! thats right we are playing fest! playing along side such great ska bands as Great Cynics and less than jake is a real.... bummer! but dont worry there are loads of other kick ass band playing too. im only joking less than jake are ok .

one love ssssnakes fans

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