Saturday, 30 July 2011

ssssplit 7"

Hows it hanging ssssnakes fans!?
Im not going to say sorry for the lack of updates cause i don't give 2 sssshits what you think!

we got some cool stuff in the pipe line. After the massive success of or debut album "kissss thissss" we went back into the brewery to record 5 more bitchin jams for you lot. and believe me when i tell you these jams are the jam! 3 of those songs will end up on an split 7" with the mother fucking slow death. Those guys may be ass wipes but their music is ball licking good. The record is coming out on kiss of death records/ not shy of DIY records / SWFU records some time before the fest.
you can hear a new song of the record on cool dudes radio

we got a few shows coming up over the summer as well so keep and eye out for us rocking places near you.
Think thats about it for now so see you in hell mother lovers

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