Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Blog on 2k12!!!! Awesome blog rips!!!!!

Hey ssssnakes fans . how are you?
whats that you want to know how i am? i am fucking awesome and super sexy fresh!!!!!
    As normal we haven't been doing much just getting awesome all over Swansea.
Lets get to the point as you must have guest I'm doing this blog cause we have some shows coming up and Jamie thinks if i do a blog update it will achieve us a greater level of awesomeness but you also know the only thing awesome to come off the Internet is being able to watch crazy fucking with chicks with fruit and goats and shit like that.

     We have loads ( 2 shows) coming up in the next six months firstly we will be playing the most awesome venue in the UK Le pub in Newport with the awesome Larry and his flask on the 27th of April. if you can make it you should cause we will be awesome and there will be loads of awesome beer. Secondly we are playing fest again in Gainsville!!! funny story about that show is some prick from anti flag put in their contract that they would only play if ssssnakes play the fest as well. Jokes on them cause we were already playing . SSSSUCKAAAASSSS!!!!!!
Playing fest last year was a blast cause its always fun to travel 1000's of miles to play infront of pure graft. those guys really are awesome. 

Think that's about it I'm going to go get awesome and ignore phone calls of Dave Brent

smell you in hell ssssnakes fans

Tim XXoOxxOX

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