Tuesday, 27 November 2012

ssssnakes do videos cause we like MONEY!!!! Honey Boo Boo

Hey ssssnakes fans!
so lately you guys have been pretty shitty and no one has been buying our records. like serious WTF like!!!!!!
We have been getting a lot of shit of the label executives to try and push sales. Most bands would go on tour, and I'm sure most band love playing to rooms fulls of their fans every night, but not us. the thought of talking to you lot night after night turns me sick.

We looked at some business models of our favourite band ( mike tv) and realised people will listen to any thing if it has a shitty video. This got us thinking what if unlike those bands we made a great video full of cameos from your favourite punk rock stars. so that's what we did!

The video is for the song surfrog and our best buddy Jono is working on it as we speak.  In the mean time check out some photos from the video shoot. we had a blast and hope you enjoy watching it. as we sit at home counting our money!!


Ss you can see we put our lives on the line making this video and you better enjoy it!

See you in hull ssssnakes fans

One Love Bass ssssnake

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